Warm and Fuzzies: Pretty Photo Mugs

[a ongoing series dedicated to the things that make me warm and fuzzy]

A little over a year ago, Kodak Gallery asked for hostesses for a photo-party to celebrate their new website launch. I totally was all over that and getting little freebies along the way. And as your everyday consumer, I stand by Kodak Gallery's quality... so win!

As I was getting a glass down for some Crystal Light (the strawberry, banana, and orange kind) the other day, I came across my most favorite mug. I'm not even really a mug person. I prefer the random cheesy plastic cups. You know. The kind with candy corn dancing around on it. Or the one that pays homage to Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

So I dedicate this Warm&Fuzzies to... my custom photo mug. This mug came from hostessing that fateful Kodak Gallery photo-party, so I got to design my mug and keep it!

Instead of cramming fifty images onto one template, I chose one, zoomed, cropped, and changed for variety.


It's over a year now and quality is still excellent! So with that being said... I had to get some siblings for my lonely mug.



Each mug represents a really special moment for me-- a vacation with my PA family to the Thousand Islands, my first year anniversary being snowed in at Colonial Williamsburg (just two months ago!), and a little "field trip" with an old high school friend to teach her how to use her camera.




With me, things need to be practical. And so now every time I take a drink, I can hardy-ha-ha over my practical art.

- Chelsea :)


  1. Those are cool, and it would be fun to be reminded of all those great memories each time you pick up one of those cups. Cool idea.

  2. Gorgeous! Who wouldn't love one of those?