Now presenting... Client Portals.

Even though I was born 200 years late, I really do love technology. I love technology in how it makes our lives easier, and I love how it helps bridge communication and allows easier access to information.

When the numbers rose in how many out-of-Hampton Roads/out-of-state couples I was working with, I knew I needed a way to make everyone's lives easier. The last thing a bride needs to be worrying about is when her payment is due or forgetting to mail off a questionnaire. So if you're like me and can find yourself with sparks of "I MUST DO THIS RIGHT NOW!" at 1:30am with your wedding planning, you can with your online private client portal. :)

You can expect:
* Online, secure, and encrypted contracts and invoices
* Questionnaires to help with the photography planning process
* Easy 24/7 access to make payments
* Digital organization of your wedding photography information
* Save-and-print capabilities with your invoices, contracts, or questionnaires at any time

I've had brides say how much they appreciated the ease and stress-free-ness of their client portals, especially those who were deployed out of the country or just couldn't make it in town because they lived hours away.

So, future friend, nothing but stress-free, 24/7 access, and digital organization at its best! (I even have past brides go back in their portals to change their last names... and it totally makes my day. :D)

[You get your own log-in username and password.]

[Your contact information is easily editable for when you need to change your own address, email, or phone number.]

[You can see your invoices and contracts in an easy, clean format.]

[And BAM! You can even make payments directly in your portal via your unique invoice.]

[You get customized questionnaires to fill out to help with your planning process so we can work together to create beautiful memories. ;) ]

[I seriously love these questionnaires. A LOT. :)]

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