The 2011 Photo-Fam Recap.

2011 was such an interesting year in terms of life changes. Rusty entered nursing school last January, and God kinda said to me, "This is your last year teaching in a classroom." So in August, I went into full-time photographer mode. Those two events alone have transformed things... and I'd like to think for the better. :)

But no matter my own life changes, it's the people I encounter each year that transform me as well. All of my couples and friends I meet through Bit of Ivory are just huge blessings to me.

In 2011...
... I went to England to see our Jane Austen stylized shoot come to life.
... April 2011's Morgan and Bruce adopted some baby kitties, Shera and Zorro.
... we had a photo-fam BBQ in September.
... May 2011's Kelli and Eric bought a house and got a new puppy!
... October 2011's Amanda and Josh will be having some awesome professional advancements and education opportunities.
... I was published in Professional Photographer Magazine for my Persuasion Boudoir work.
... May 2011's Dreama started a new photography business focusing on families and children.
... September 2010's Megan landed an awesome new personal banking position which she's a total rockstar.
... May 2012's Jenn got an awesome new graphic artist job while launching her own graphic design business.
... the photo-fam went for spa pedicures (well, the ladies did! haha) in September and bowling in December.
... and the list can go on...

There were many other milestones in everyone's lives, but then that'd take about a novel to complete! So do forgive me. :)

A HUGE thank you to those who give me the opportunity to share my life and passion with you. Without you, I couldn't do what I love every day. You are so very important to me, and I'm excited to continue to share this journey with you each passing year.

Chelsea :)

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