Viva Las Vegas (and Ghost Town)! | Las Vegas Stylized Shoot

Vegas was an eye-opener. The people I met, the classes I took, the new products I saw, and the things I experienced... all kickstarting to an awesome new level of where Bit of Ivory is going... where I want to go. Stuff will be unveiled slowly over the next few months, so hang tight!

But to sum it up, I'm more confident. I'm determined to make my photo-fam shine. And I'm not shying down from being me in my style. Sometimes photogs play it safe because we have to... not wanting to rock the boat... but guess what? People don't hire us to play it safe. Every single time in the past year, I've gone outside of my box for just a few shots in my sessions, my photo-fam ends up loving those photos MORE than the "typical" ones.

Soooo, you will be seeing more of my heart. More of who I am. I care very much for each person in my images... and I'm going more bold to prove it this year!

With that said, some FUN photos await now! Let's get into the stylized shoot I attended while in Vegas. It was refreshing to attend shoot I didn't "orchestrate"! :D I could just shoot and observe, and Emma and Josh did such a wonderful job. It challenged me to shoot in a different way especially since their shoots tend to have more of a fashion slant to them.

When I found out it was happening in the desert, in a Ghost Town... heck yeah! Here in Virginia, we just don't have those textures and colors... it's just different out West. It was mega-inspiring... and made me mega-infatuated with the negative space that comes with the territory. LOOOOOVE open skies and wide landscapes.

Event Organizer - Emma & Josh Smith | Couture Clicks
Venue - El Dorado Canyon Mine Tours (Ghost Town)
Hair/Makeup - Liz Gopwani (Hair) and Sarah Diaz (Professional Makeup Artist and Hairstylist)
Hair/Makeup - Mayra Jauregui
Gowns - The White Dress
Fashion Wardrobe - Kristy Rose
Accessories - Renee Pawele Bride
Purses - Judith Leiber (The Forum Shoppes at Caesars Palace)
Menswear - Tuxedo Junction

- Chelsea :)

P.S. SOOOOO excited I get to go back to the West Coast in July to shoot Jillian and Derek's wedding! WOO HOO!

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