Shootin' the Rustic Beauty | Virginia Country Wedding

I'm finally getting around to blogging over here! With Tidewater and Tulle taking most of my blogging attention and my own Bit of Ivory photo-fam for non-blogging workflows, it's been a pretty busy winter. :)

So with that said, let's hope for some summery days with this lovely rustic country wedding out near Emporia! It was another adventure in second shooting, and this one was all Lexi of Alexis Jones Photography last September! It's always an honor when a photog friend asks me to second shoot for them as it allows me to refine my own creative skills, but even moreso that kind of trust is humbling and wonderful at the same time! How can you not thrive in that kind of environment especially when you get to capture the digging up of bourbon, a Southern tradition of keeping the rain away?!

I definitely remember that I was just recovering from a pretty bad cold, and I distinctly remember Lexi just laughing it off with me as I sounded a little bit rough, literally. I was croaking just a little bit. I'm pretty sure I rivaled Kermit's second cousin twice removed. ;)

It was a beautiful day being surrounded by such country beauty. The bride and groom definitely had a vision when they planned their ceremony spot... and it was breathtaking to say the least. I'll stop jabbering and get into the shots, but to see the wedding in its more full story, head over to Lexi's blog!

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