Get your sea legs on in 2012! | Orchestrated Stylized Shoots Mediterranean Cruise Conference

To get the email saying you have your first registered participant... for something that you kept doubting yourself you could do... really is humbling.

Many months ago back in February, God told me to organize a cruise. For photographers. I know... I freaked. "What?! A Cruise?! Why is God telling me to organize a cruise?! That's kinda weird. It's never been done before! I will have naysayers because I haven't been in the industry for 10+ years..." I told Meghan and she was like, "Oh my gosh. Can we do it?" We were unsure of ourselves.

It was my proverbial Goliath. A much nicer kind, but still waaaay bigger than me.

Then things started clicking. Photogs wanted to teach. People expressed interest. Said our industry needed this. Because it's against my nature to do anything half-tail, I researched. I was already making travel plans for another business trip through World Class Travel... and it naturally came up in conversation. That was the official confirmation for me.

photographers cruise conference and workshops mediterranean 2012

As businesswomen, we sometimes sacrifice family time for our businesses, so we're reinventing the way we workshop, stylize, and balance family life, vacationing, and business! Gone are the days of separating family and business. For 12 days on the big blue Mediterranean Sea, you can have a quality vacation with your loved ones WHILE still furthering your business and photography growth. Let's be real. When else can you write off a trip to Santorini?!

We welcome all photographers of all levels and all specialties. Whether you are just beginning to learn your camera or have a well-fluffed out wedding portfolio, you are invited to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

This floating conference has been set up to vacation with family and loved ones and to do business with colleagues. While there are onboard activities for children under 10, this particular trip is more suitable for older children. So consider making it either a special getaway for you and your spouse or a mini-family reunion of sorts!

Interested in pricing information, schedules, and options or want to read the 411: Our Official Cruise Manual? Please visit our dedicated website!

photographers cruise conference and workshops mediterranean 2012

All non-participants must be connected with a participant of the conference to register. You must book your cruise FIRST with World Class Travel before conference registration in the Fall. Official and complete course registration will begin in the Fall and offered first to registered participants. We want you to settle your travel arrangements first without the mad dash for classes! :) You will be asked for your booking code before you can select seminars and workshops.

World Class Travel
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Phone: 757-546-1010
(Ask for Mike or Pam!)

If you have any questions, please contact us at! It's going to be a BLAST!

- Chelsea :)

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