The Pharmacist and the Photographer got married!

It was over car rides into downtown Boston that we bonded. You see, Corin lived right by Boston College, and the only way I could make it to Tuesday night Bible Study was to get a ride... and so Corin offered, and little did she know that she would be stuck with me for life. :)

We spent the two years we both lived in Boston sharing banana-stuffed french toast at Zaftig's (pre-gluten allergy days) and random grocery shopping trips at Trader Joe's. With our friend Courtney, we were known as the Three C's at Park Street Church. And to complicate matters, we all had blondish hair, so we were called each other's names A LOT. haha

When we both graduated from our respective schools, life took me back to Virginia to teach and eventually took Corin to Texas to take care of her Mom.

Despite the distance and crazy life schedules, we always managed to stay in contact (even if it's a drug question (not the bad kind!) She's the best pharmacist EVER. haha) and visit during the summers... and well, let's just say every time we see each other, there is a broken Dave and Buster's back-scratcher that has been passed back and forth for the past 5 years now. (Tag. You're it, Corin!! ;) Have you found it yet?! Bwahahahahaha.)

And so Greg entered the picture and when I met him a few years ago, I instantly knew something was going to happen. He was good peoples. And it's not because he's a photographer (like for real, an AMAZING architectural photographer in Dallas!) because you know those are amazing peeps... ;) But because how he loved my friend. He cherished her.

It was an honor being a bridesmaid, and even though it was Corin's big day, she transformed it into a day about everyone in attendance in addition to her and Greg because that's just who she is. It was one big celebration and bundle of love fun. :)

(And let me pause for moment before the weepy tears come from the photos... hot DANG, Corin and Greg got married at The Grand Hotel in McKinney, Texas, and let's just say I wanna live in this historical building. Can we say Colonial Williamsburg-esque but Texan? Yeaaaap.)

Love you, guys!

[Bwahahahah She'll probably kill me for posting this one. But it's probably my most favorite one... it's who she is! :D]

[Love these! This isn't the end of my ridiculous faces though... ;) ]

[Can you say "oh my gosh, they are clearly dentists?!" I heart these two. (Kate and Corin's brother Dan)!]

[The other C! Courtney and her hubby Dan! Basically it was one big ole Beantown reunion. LOVE.]

[Dan totally photo-bombed this one.]

[The Three C's!]

[Freakish light accident gone way awesome!]

[Katie, another Boston friend, was a beautiful maid of honor!]

[In loving memory of Corin's Mom who fought ovarian cancer for years. She was such a beautiful woman who loved her family so much. Joan was, without a doubt, celebrating with us that day.]

[More Boston friends and silliness!]

- Chelsea :)
** I was not the official photographer for this wedding! I took my job as bridesmaid very seriously. ;) This is a personal post. :)

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