Now presenting... the future Bit of Ivory Photography HQ!

... okay, the word headquarters makes it sound like some covert operation. Whatev. ;) But yes, yes! I am officially moving into a larger office space to better accommodate my photo-fam, host photo-fam get-togethers (one is already in the works!), and just have a bit more space in which to have a dream office with a TEAL accent wall and super fun silhouettes everywhere. Swooooon.

I still very much pride myself on opening up my home so people can get to know me and where I come from and will continue to do so, but this consultation site will allow me to be a bit more flexible and help me achieve a healthier work schedule. :) It's all about being bold in 2012 and having a better life, folks!

I am sharing the office space with my friend, Julie Morgan of As You Wish Weddings and Events. (You will have known her from Amanda and Josh's wedding in October 2011!) She's a phenomenal wedding planner and such a great person who runs her business exactly the way I strive to do everyday-- with professionalism, integrity, and genuine love for clients. And heck, she knew my love for natural light and let me have the best naturally-lit space in the place. :)

We will be located off of Cedar Road in Chesapeake and super convenient to all of that fun stuff in Great Bridge. (Not going to lie... the 10 minute commute is pretty nice.)

It's going to be epic! We will have a grand opening in the future. We don't move in until May 1st and will be busy bees preparing the space to look spectacular when we do get the keys. So once it's up to our perfectionist standards, we'll be ready to celebrate, and you all will be invited!

Thank you so much for my photo-fam for making me want to be the best photographer for them. Thank you to my loved ones who have cheered me on through the years. And especially thank you to Rusty for not only believing in me, but supporting me in every thing I do. I couldn't do it without you.

God flung a door wide open, and I'm walking through. Here's to things never imaginable. Here's to things you never thought would be. And here's to becoming a better person to all of the people in my life. :)

[BIG OLE TEAL WALL!! ... will be there.]

[Julie and her office area AND the view of when you walk into the door into the reception area.]

[That's right. It's gorgeous.]

[Our name will go in that blank spot!! :D]

- Chelsea :)


  1. Yay!!! Congrats ladies, you will do amazing things :D

  2. Gorgeous!!!!! <3 So excited for you!!!! Xox

  3. How absolutely exciting, Chelsea and Julie! I am so excited for you! Yay!!!!!