Now presenting... Choose your own Digital Media Format!

Lots of upgrades popping up with lots of cool stuff in store as we head into wedding season 2012!

But something I'm very excited to announce is that Bit of Ivory brides now have the option of HOW they receive their digital files. It's taken a lot of research as I didn't want to prematurely offer something before I knew what was in store for the long term. But the more and more I see technology head towards DVD-less computers, I want to make sure my couples are able to view their digital wedding images in 20 years when discs are obsolete. Who knows what the next "big thing" in digital media is, but all I know is I won't be left behind nor my brides! ;)

[Screenshots from the Drawing Room!]

For 2012 and beyond, I now offer discs, flash drives, and... the CLOUD (aka PASS)!

Already included in every wedding collection, brides will get to choose one of those that best suits their personalities and living styles. And if they want two of those options, there's just a small minimal fee. Easy peasy!

Our industry is headed towards the Cloud, but in the transitional years to come, I want to make sure you still have the option for tangible. (Heck, I still love my books for the sheer reason of turning pages despite my also loving the practicality of my Kindle. We CAN love both worlds. I'm stubborn enough to prove it!)

Can't wait to see what my April couples choose as they are the first ones to try the options out! :)

- Chelsea :)

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