Now presenting... Guestbooks!

It's my last mad dash before wedding season hits, and I finally finalized one of the last tasks I planned on doing.

You all know how much I love books. Well, that love extended into finding the perfect albums/books to offer this season. While I was in Vegas, I found some new favorites... and it includes the new Bit of Ivory guestbook.

I kept opening and going back to the guestbook from my own wedding... which was a photo-guestbook made from Shutterfly. Nothing against Shutterfly because there's definitely a time and place for it. But I wish it had been better quality. I just didn't know any better back then and didn't have any GREAT options. Sure, it has a leather cover, but it's all about the paper for me. I've never a flimsy glossy paper kind of girl, and that's my guestbook. (Note: It still makes me smile to read everything in it though. So for sentimental reasons, it's perfect.)

So when I found these books, I verbally squealed. The Mohawk Options paper in this book FEELS like a fine arts book. It is something you can proudly display on your coffee table after the wedding and pick up to read all the sweet messages left by your guests.

Long gone are the days of "write your name on the line to let us know you were at our wedding." Now comes the guestbook with engagement photos that people can enjoy as they find the perfect empty spot to give their well-wishes!

I know it may be kinda silly to be so excited about a book, but I love it. A LOT. I hope you do, too. :)

- Chelsea :)

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