Vero + Orly + Charlie | Norfolk Couples Photographer

These three-- Veronica, Orly, and Charlie-- will look very familiar to you if you've been around the photo-fam for awhile. I had the honor of photographing their small family last year for their post-Christmas-cards session.

This year, Veronica wanted something spring-y and something beach-y to showcase our local area. It sure was chilly at the beach, but we had the most BEAAUUUUUUUUTIFUL fog. I have always wanted to shoot in fog for its dreamy, romantic haze. And heck yeah, we got it!

Vero and Orly's yellow and purple wardrobe made for the perfect colors with Charlie's dark brown coat. ;) I can't say it enough how in love with this session I am! :) Charlie made his adorable presence again this year... and he aims to show off his perfect-dog-ness with his new trick-- standing on his back legs for a beg. CUTE!

Thanks, you two, for always trusting me with your memories and always providing such fun! You have become such great friends to Rusty and me this past year. Here's to many more ahead of us no matter where life takes us! :)

P.S. Veronica is a cakepop rockstar... and photo-fam, she will be instructing us on how to make them once the new office is setup! ;)

[Oh my gosh, you don't know how excited I got that the dew dropped JUST as I captured this! LOL]

- Chelsea :)

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