Ashley + Ryan : An Ice Skating and Lifestyle Engagement

Let's REALLY go back to when it all began. January 2011.

Ashley saw me at the Uniquely Yours Bridal Showcase, and throughout the year, she kept seeing my name in random places. Then she found out I shot a mutual friend's wedding, Robyn and Greg. THEN she moved into the same apartment community I live (we learned this after the fact). THEN she finally contacted me. ;) We both realized after several other encounters that we were just meant to be.

No joke, she was even a server with Sweetwater Cuisine for Meghan and Preston's wedding. She STILL pops up everywhere and now even encounters Rusty on his clinical visits to hospitals. So we've affectionately dubbed her the "LaVere stalker." haha! We love it. Little does she know after she gets married, I will continue to feed her wedding industry love by bringing her into the photo-world. ;)

So when she said she wanted a different kind of engagement session, I was pumped. It was to be at Chilled Ponds ice skating rink in Chesapeake (because of their love for the Boston Bruins... I KNOW! BOSTON!! Even more confirmation of soulmate-ness!) and then afterwards, a lifestyle session with their furry kid, Bella (a sassy, smug kitty that definitely rules the roost).

Ryan may not be part of the stalker club, but he has a keen artistic eye, a penchant for watercolor, amazing ice skater, and loves to work with his hands. I'm mega-jealous of all of his international travels-- including Germany! It was great getting to know him since I interacted with Ashley so much more before the session. And just seeing them together made my heart go all mushy. :)

I'm sooo excited for their amazing wedding (that TOTALLY has silhouettes and Bella incorporated!!) at the end of April!

[I crack up EVERY time I see this photo! I definitely did a meme that defines Bella as "Epic Cat." No shame.]

[Won't lie. Felt kinda surreal like I was in my own apartment... as our places are similar in structure.]

[How cool is Ryan's collection?! It's housed in an old printer's letter tray! LOVE.]

- Chelsea :)

P.S. Okay, I'm posting this because I know how much Ryan and Ashley loved the meme I made... it basically fits Bella to a T. This is why I couldn't get to sleep that evening because I kept laughing too hard! :D


  1. love this session. you do such a great job of making it so personal not to mention beautiful .