When the 80's meets an eager bunch.

No matter what industry you work in, everyone desires community. The biggest thing I miss most about the teaching world is... working with coworkers. Just having someone to vent to, someone to share a laugh, or someone to make plans with after school. While I love being my own boss, it can get lonely.

Thankfully, I'm obsessed with getting people together, and we're not lonely for long. ;) Wednesday night was no exception. It was a Global SHARE meetup where local photogs who use Showit get together for community, education, and just plain fun via a simulcast accessible everywhere around the world! Well, we found out we were being Skyped into the simulcast, so we knew what we had to do.

80's-a-fy it UP.

Everyone came early to my place to get dressed up, get makeup-ed by Sarah, eat dinner, and chitchat. Basically Melody and Valerie provided all of the neon clothing... ;) LOVED it. By the end of the evening, a grand plan was cooked up, and we have some pretty exciting news to share in the next few weeks... but in the meantime, these ladies are some pretty kick-tail photogs! We're out to revolutionize some things. ;)

I couldn't stop laughing the entire night over these photos (and apparently everyone else to that saw us in the simulcast! hahaha). I love these ladies' passion for community, sharing, creativity, and supporting each other. It's an honor to be the "leader" for our local group. :)

[Screenshot from the simulcast!]

[From left to right - back row: CS Photography, Valerie Demo Photography, Sarah Mariel Photography, JL7 Photography. Front row: Kathryn Blevins Photography, ME!!, Melody Gillikin Photography.]

- Chelsea :)

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