An Emerald City-Inspired Rehearsal Dinner | Orchestrated Stylized Shoots

When Meghan and I started planning our Wicked-inspired wedding event called Emerald Encounter, we realized that it was so story-based and so theatrical that we needed to make our typical dinner-before-the-big-day into an actual rehearsal dinner to get everyone into the story. So immediately, we got our swankified hats on and designed our event towards an evening in the Emerald City. Every participant came in their best greens to enjoy a night with our "bride and groom," Galinda and Fiyero. We had Green Elixirs as our signature drink, yellow-and-green versions of the original novel, Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, fabulously customized invitations sent to all participants through good old-fashioned snail mail, and lots of sparkle and shine.

For not being our main event, we didn't do too badly! Just wait until you see the ACTUAL wedding day (coming within the next week to a blog near you!)... we have a very elusive character hanging in the wings who is sure to make you "scream" with delight... ;)

And if you're not familiar with this fabulosis that is Wicked, go read the synopsis before viewing and then go buy your tickets to see the show ASAP. It's by far the best and most well-done musical (beyond Phantom, of course. haha) I have ever seen. Every bit and part is sheer genius. :)

So now I present our heart and musical obsession and invite you to take a skip into the Emerald City...

"One short day
In the Emerald City
One short day
Full of so much to do
Ev'ry way
That you look in the city
There's something exquisite
You'll want to visit
Before the day's through..."

- One Short Day, Wicked

Concept Design | Meghan Gwaltney |
Photography & Co-Design | Chelsea LaVere |
Bridal Gown | Ava Clara Couture Bridal |
Rehearsal Dinner Venue | Terra Restaurant |
Floral Design | Palette of Petals |
Stationery| The Girl Tyler |
Cake Design | Cake Delights |
Makeup/Hair | Elizabeth Ansel Alfier |
Jewelry | Premier Designs |
Bridal Accessories | Sparrow Blu |

- Chelsea :)

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