Ashley, Ryan, and the Rainy Day Wedding | Virginia Beach

Rainy days are just as magical as sunny ones. The moment we caught wind of chances of rain, I got excited. I knooooow... no one wants rain on their wedding day, but I've had this vision of London wellies and my crazy awesome bubble umbrella for MONTHS since I saw their boots in their downstairs hallway. And I knew Ashley and Ryan would be perfect because of their unique and quirky personalities AND their gorgeousness. Seriously, not many people can rock out a classic bowtie and beautiful maroon lips.

Ashley and Ryan are two peas in a pod, and I consider myself so blessed to be a part of their lives as they are in mine. Ashley is the best "stalker" ever (read that back story on their e-session post!) and feeds me Big Bang Theory DVDs, and Ryan is a master at furniture assembly sans instruction manuals. :)

Their big day was filled with black, ivory, and bursts of wildflower color (provided by the lovely and talented Palette of Petals). It was intimate, unique, and so very special. Sweetwater Cuisine was the perfect location for them. And of course, Bella (their furry kid) was present in little prints made by Ryan (like legit prints made with linoleum plates, ink, and rollers!) decorated around the reception... just wait until you see that cuteness!

One day, these lovers of Boston will move away and enjoy my favorite Beantown (hence the Sam Adams in one of the photos!)... so in the meanwhile, I'm smuggling as much time with them! (IKEA trip at the end of the month! Yeah!!)

And some little shout outs...
... to Liz of Behind the Veil for Ashley's stunning hair and makeup.
... to the special friend who crafted Ashley's hair piece with little Bella on it. :)
... to Steinhilber's for letting us use their waterfront property.

- Chelsea :)

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  1. Love these pictures!
    A little rain can't extinguish a perfect day!
    Thanks for sharing!