72 more days.

... until my last name changes from "Forbus" to "LaVere." There is still much to do, and I have been engaged for a year and a half now! Brides-to-be, planning ahead is the best road to take, I tell ya.

Speaking of planning ahead, D&D officially won the title for "First 2011 Wedding Booked." I met with them on Thursday to discuss their wedding and engagement session... and *I* can't wait for both! All of D's beach theme planning ideas and gorgeous gown has me antsy for both events. It's so amusing because D&D have a very similar dynamic with each other that Rusty and I do (e.g., laid back "I'm gonna wear a tux t-shirt to the ceremony" guy, detail-oriented "You better not, or I'll revoke your getting-dressed privileges" girl). I love it.

I just know once my wedding is over I will have bridal withdrawls. Thankfully, I am in such a profession where I can live vicariously through my clients. ;)

This weekend is devoted to my own wedding details mayhem, and so I leave this week's entry with a few photos from last weekend's photo op.

-- Chelsea :)

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