Whoa, hello, world!

I'm bacccckkk!

Blogging obviously took a standstill while I've gallivanted off to Italy and Greece for a most amazing business-vacation. Lots of updates are coming your way in the next week or two, but for now, here are bits and pieces of what to expect! :)

[Orchestrated Stylized Shoots' Vignettes, Vol. II is finally ready for showcasing!]

[Super cuteness at the Virginia Zoo!]

[Quite a few posts from our Italian adventures! P.S. This is my favorite adventure of all time... the Amalfi Coast.]

[The latest project is ready to be unveiled! The first volume of the new Photo-Fam Album.]

[A very special intimate ceremony of a beautiful bride, her dashing groom, and her handsome son. All around great times!]

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