A Lavender-Inspired Bridal | Virginia Garden Wedding Photographer

Most of you know that last August I went to England. Since then, I have been utterly obsessed with lavender, especially after trying to get myself to a real English lavender farm and failing. I fell in mad love with the scent, the look, the feel. Everything. I don't mean the color... because technically I've been obsessed with that since I was a little girl carrying around a purple cat purse (according to my Mom). The plant/flower became my new inspiration.

There is something so simple and so versatile about lavender that I find inspiring. It can be used for cooking, baking, therapy, relaxation, aesthetics... anything. (Did you know there are a bajillion types of lavender, too?! Spanish, French, English, Mexican... etc.)

As I learned more about it, the more I wanted to do something with it. Since I dive into creative pursuits through Orchestrated, it was almost unfathomable that I actually do a shoot just for me... but because Lavender was such a personal concept, I knew it could never translate well into an Orchestrated theme. So months ago the Pinterest board was created.

And in the middle of April, Debbie and Clay Hill Garden Events crossed my path. Little dings went off in my head... and well, the rest is history. This woman is so inspiring on so many levels. I had never met a true visionary artist in the world of landscaping and exterior design. To see what she has created (all because she loved doing it) was amazing. Clay Hill is THE place to have that dream barn/garden wedding in Virginia, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't hope and pray that one of my future brides will choose that unique spot for her wedding. ;)

So, throughout this whole process, I learned a few things:
* I still don't do well in heat. lol
* To see a simple vision become a reality still makes me emotional.
* My about-to-be dining room is now carrying on the "country lavender" theme because, again, obsessed.
* I know some pretty amazing and inspiring wedding industry people.
* ... and there is a lavender farm in northern Virginia that you can visit. And I'm totally going in early June. ;)

Okay, let me quit babbling and let's get onto the pretties!

The Amazing Vendor Friends Behind the Shoot:
Concept Design & Photography | Chelsea LaVere | www.bitofivoryphotography.com
Venue | Clay Hill Garden Events | www.clayhillgardenevents.com
Bridal Gown | Pure English Bridal | www.pureenglishbridal.com
Floral Design | Palette of Petals | www.paletteofpetals.com
Stationery | The Girl Tyler | www.thegirltyler.com
Dessert | Cheesecake Wedding Cakes by Mrs. B. | www.cheesecakeweddingcakesbymrsb.com
Makeup | Kristine Marie French | kristinemarieartistry.com
Hair | Chelsea Jordan | www.facebook.com/pages/Chelsea-Styles/101653283263219
Ring | Premier Designs | www.facebook.com/PremierDesigns757

And a huge major thanks to Emily C. for being a wonderful bride, to Tianna for being a fantastic assistant, and to Melody for letting me pillage through her vintage props. :)
- Chelsea :)


  1. Who is the designer of this dress?

  2. I'm sorry, but I do not know the designer of the gown. You can call Pure English Bridal and ask, and I'm sure they would be able to tell you! :)

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