The New Office Transition.

The moment I got the keys on April 30th, it's been a whirlwind of preparing the new office location. And when you think you're going at it alone, you are bombarded by amazing reminders of: "Chelsea. Don't be dumb. You have a ton of help."

And it's true. I've been so overwhelmed by encouragement and support of friends and photo-fam that I kick myself for even having moments of "how in the heck am I going to do this all?!"

I went in with a vision and came out with a fantastic new consultation area/workspace. There are still here-and-there bits to do and organize, so there aren't any official photos yet, but here are some iPhone/Instagram loveliness of the works-in-progress.

But before we get into the photos, I have a ton of thank yous to dish out (in no particular order!).
* Thank you, Tianna, my wonderful office assistant who has far more painting knowledge than I do.
* Thank you, Elaine, my BFF who is obsessed with Young House Love and learned an amazing wall frame design trick and executed it perfectly.
* Thank you, Veronica, for being such a perfectionist and having the amazing skill of knowing how to hang things straight. (If people know me, they know I CANNOT hang a ruler on straight to save my life.)
* Thank you, Ashley and Ryan, for your handiwork and ability to put furniture pieces together without instruction manuals.
* Thank you, Caitlin, for helping on moving day despite never meeting me in person before. Hope we didn't scare you! ;) But it was so good meeting you!
* Thank you, Orly and Rusty, for being the brawn and lifting desks and chairs up in thin air.
* Thank you, Becky, for painting those crazy little white boxes and picking up pizza. You're always so dependable and such an amazing friend.
* Thank you, Jenn, for your sign shop connection and making sure the fabulous new sign is perfect even with your wedding in a week!

And another big thank you...
* Thank you, Rusty, for being such a supportive husband and having such a servant's heart even when my ambition exhausts you to no end. I love you sooo much. :)

- Chelsea :)

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