Bandaids and BBQ | A Nurse Graduation Party for ole Rusty

For the past two years, it's been a journey. A journey for Rusty to become a registered nurse. Those who know and love him smile because that's who Rusty is... he's a care giver and a fixer. He has one of the biggest servant's hearts I know. His calm and tranquil personality is meant for the medical field. His patience and bedside manner are huge foils to my, "Just take some Tylenol! You'll be fine!" (This is why I will not be a nurse. haha)

It hasn't been easy. Being the sole income for almost two years hasn't been a joy ride. We couldn't have done this without the love and support of our family and friends. If you want to put a marriage through some trials, put one of you in a full-time education program. ;) But with a goofy meltable grin, Rusty would say, "Gotta have teamwork to make the dream work!" :P

Rusty is my helpmate. My best friend. (And now the replacement for my WebMD diagnoses... hey, don't judge. You know you have probably diagnosed yourself with hypothyroidism before!! lol!)

I'm so very proud of him and all he's accomplished. To go through a career change from the business world to the medical is no cake walk.

He did it for him. He did it for our family.

Soooo... a graduation party had to happen. And since I can't do anything half-tail, I created "Bandaids and BBQ." It was during this planning process that my heart swelled. This was exactly why I went full-time last June. To spend time doing things for my husband. It's pretty obvious my love language is Acts of Service... :)

Congratulations, my love! You did it!! Now go kill that NCLEX and board exams!

Many thanks to my Dad and Crystal for hosting it at their home and everything they did to make it super special. Yay for parents with yards and space! Thanks to Dad #2 for always being ready to help and supportive. And I can't thank the family and photo-fam enough for coming to celebrate with Rusty! Ooooh, it was a hilarious time. (So loyal readers, you'll see a lot of familiar faces. :) )

UPDATE: Due to such a huge interest, request, and popularity through Pinterest, all of the stationery elements in this RN graduation party are available on Etsy! Just check out the Quills and Ink Design shop. Hope you enjoy! And thanks so much for the love!

[Chelsea Note: This is my Poppi right before he demanded I give him my $4,000 camera and lens. Riiiiiggghttttt, Popsters. ;) ]

[Chelsea Note: You know I made him pose with these for my sheer camera enjoyment. lol]

[Chelsea Note: Don't worry. I wasn't dispensing drugs. Unless excessive amounts of Mike and Ikes, Altoids, Tic Tacs, and Good n Plentys count.

Double Note: The text on the Rx labels says...
"Take 2.5 years of nursing school. Combine and swallow countless hours of studying and test-taking. Use multiple yellow highlights until dried. Must be yellow. Finish with preceptorship at Norfolk General.

Signs and Symptoms:
Fatigue, insomnia, chronic headaches, and wife crazies.

QTY: 2.5 Yrs

No Refills
EXP Never

[Chelsea Note: Ashley is the epitome of photo-fam dedication! Scrubs AND knowing my obsession with people holding stuff.]

[Chelsea Note: We were all watching this and couldn't stop laughing.]

[Chelsea Note: No joke. Both of them are Rustys. Like no nickname. Legit Rustys. Their commonalities amused all of us that day.]

* Cheesecake Cupcakes - Cheesecakes by Mrs. B
* Cupcake Toppers - Three Monkeys Cakery
* Prescription Labels - Hello Cupcake
* Quirky Food Items, Food Tags, and Posters - Me! :)
* Cast "Guestbook" - Orly and Veronica!


  1. Thank you for just being you, my love. I couldn't have made it through without your support. <3

  2. Chelsea!!!!! This looks FANTASTIC! So creative and the pictures are awesome. Thank you very much for including my RX bottles!

  3. Having my nursing graduation party this May! LOVE your pictures of your party, where did you get the RX bottles?

  4. You can find the Rx bottles on Etsy: :)

  5. Hi, I was wondering if you sell the digital files for the posters, tags etc. that you used? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Katig! You can find all of them in my Etsy shop: :)