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I had an epiphany this morning. I stared at the ceiling and realized, "I love it when my clients are themselves." I don't know why that particular phrasing rolled across my brain... but it did.

To have my photo-fam come alive in photos has always been my dream. To see a woman light up all because her husband-to-be kissed her forehead. To see a mutual love for an activity sparkle because the two involved are comfortable and in love.

It's already been shown and people have seen it, but I knew I needed to be vocal about it.

My engagement sessions are lifestyle. All couples are "required" to select an activity that they love and mutually enjoy. Together, we choose the best location for the activity and make it happen with a wardrobe and accessories chat. Because there is nothing ordinary about a special time in your life; it should be a "sparkly" version of your everyday life. I want to tell the story of your relationship. A few months ago, I even created a Pinterest board to showcase unique ideas to help inspire couples.

You know I have a B.A. in English Literature and am thoroughly obsessed with the characters in the stories I read... but those characters are flat if the story doesn't come alive.

It's the same way with photography. No more static posing. No contrived "prom poses." During the sessions, I do guide positions through lots of actions (because let's be real; it's not easy being in front of a camera!), and I always talk about the proverbial "in-between shots." Because I WANT LIFE!

Again, this is nothing new. But I wanted to verbalize what's going on behind the scenes. :) I love my photo-fam, and they bring me into their lives. That trust isn't going to be taken lightly. The story will be told. The magic of comfy love will thrum and thrive.

I promise. :)

- Chelsea :)

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