Cupcakes and Prom Dresses at the Carolina Cupcakery - Chesapeake, Virginia

It's been a hectic kind of week! It was the final week of school for teachers (YAY!) and just a lot of general housekeeping stuff. The amount of laundry my husband accumulates makes me rethink the whole "let's have babies in 3 years" idea. haha We did, however, get this beautiful laundry basket for the bathroom two weeks ago, and it's quite magical. Since then, clothes have not ever been found on the floor. ;)

On Monday, I did the cupcake graduates shoot for Carolina Cupcakery. Dawn wanted some portraits of her employees who were the Class of 2010 to hang up in the Chesapeake shop. These girls donned their prom dresses and caps and gowns in some pretty terrible humidity. Nevertheless, they were beautiful and exuded enthusiasm and excitement. When clients have fun in front of the camera, it makes my job so much easier and more fun. It's contagious. I love laughing, and I love the spirit of "I'm going to be goofy and be proud!"

- Chelsea :)

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