A Mini-Taste of Austin with a Fellow Photog.

It's near the end of my summerly stay here in Austin, and I finally was able to get a few around town shots with a new friend.

Funny story is that she found me through Clickin Moms (a great photography community for women!) and this blog and wanted to get some family portraits taken before her hubby was deployed. Gotta love technology bringing people together! Unfortunately, scheduling just wasn't working in our favor, but we both still wanted to meet.

So Nicole (of Nicole Dina Photography) drove from San Antonio, picked me up, and we went to lunch at Bess Bistro on 6th Street!

If you don't know what Bess Bistro is, it is the restaurant that Sandra Bullock owns. I know. I hate to be all touristy and giggly, but we totally were. The restaurant has a perfect hint of New Orleans and French influence, and we were completely gaga over the decor and interior. The food was super delicious and all organic and local which is always great. Nicole took a goofy shot of us in at our dining booth... so you'll have to ask her for that photo. ;)

It was just awesome to talk shop with someone who knows what I babble on and on about. Our husbands can only handle so much camera talk-- understandably so! In any case, we clicked and even pondered the possible idea of maybe co-organizing a boudoir marathon in Austin next summer. So who knows!

After lunch, we took a drive down Congress to a really "retro" part of Austin with neat shops, antiques, and vendors. Pretty much the perfect spot for family or couple sessions. I may have to market myself here in Texas because now that I've seen it, I just have to use it! :)

bess bistro

(Probably my fave!)

(I loved this chair outside... I'm a sucker for textures.)

i love you so much
(How cute would this be for an engagement session?!)

It was super great meeting you, Nicole! So long, Austin. See you next July!
- Chelsea :)

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