Ashley and Joe | Virginia Beach Engagement Photography

When Ashley first contacted me a few months ago, and I found out she was a fashion teacher/marketing director for a local high school, I was thrilled! It's always great to meet other educators, but an educator with a stylish vision for her dream day... well, can we say my little artist's heart went pitter-patter?

I have been so blessed to meet some amazing people on my photography journey, and Ashley and Joe were no exception. They met in high school and have been pretty inseparable since reuniting after college. When I first met Joe, I asked him when he thought Ashley was the one, and he just gave me the most straight-forward (and the totally unintentional "duh, Chelsea" look... all out of love, right, Joe?! :D) response... "There was never any question."

Gosh, if I keep meeting people with these heart-melting love stories, there's not going to be much left of me! Come on, people! ;)

Well, back to "the vision"... think vintage. Think garden. Think the most Jane Austen-like house you've ever seen in Hampton Roads. You have the future Mr. and Mrs. B's engagement and wedding location. Since it's a private residence, I cannot divulge the exact whereabouts in Virginia Beach, but let's just say: perfect location.

I'm absolutely beside myself for June 25, 2011. :) Great people, great family, great location. Let's go!

- Chelsea :)

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