Robyn + Greg | Norfolk Engagement Photography

Let me first preface by saying that Robyn will probably kill me for posting this. But I'm posting it anyway. 1) She loves me. 2) We have history. 3) She already signed the wedding contract. hahaha

Yes, this was at our high school prom in 2001. Yes, we and our dates went to every formal dance together. Yes, we haven't changed one bit.

A few months ago, Rusty and I went on a double-date with Robyn and Greg (at PF Changs's!), and so instantly, the bells of "This is TOTALLY the guy!" went off. So I'd like to say I totally knew an engagement was nigh. Okay, maybe I'm not a psychic genius, but it was pretty obvious the connection. ;)

When I got the text message that she and Greg wanted me to be their wedding photog, Rusty and I were driving up to New York. I squealed in the car and startled my dear husband the driver. And then the rapid text messaging back and forth commenced. This girl has it GOING. She had already booked her ceremony place and her DJ within a matter of days of returning from Jamaica (the place of proposal!)!

Robyn's enthusiasm and love are just so contagious-- it's no wonder why Greg was drawn to her! I just know every person in attendance at their May wedding is going to be blessed.









- Chelsea :)


  1. Awwwww Chelsea!!!! This is so AWESOME!!! YOU are simply amazing! You just made me cry hahaha :) BTW- I love that picture of us, we were so cool. hahaha did you see those "guns"?!?! :-D You were the only reason those dances were fun!!! hehehe Oh and I totally still have that dress :) And we do look exactly the same :) I think it's awesome
    Thank you for your kind words!!! I can't wait for the wedding! Is it May yet?! :p I love these pictures!! Everyone I show them to are in awe!!! Love you!!!

  2. These are beautiful Chelsea! I'm so excited to know there is another May bride!

  3. You make me laugh, Robyn! :D <3 We totally rocked those dances.

    And yes, Dreama, meet Robyn-- you would love her! :) (There's one more, too-- May is booked solid!)!

  4. I didn't see that other people posted on here! hahah :) So fun! Oh oh I have a May wedding buddy! Oh Dreama we should totally meet!! :-)