i heart faces | Sun Flare

(EB, October 2010)
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There's a bit of imperfection in terms of the sun flare, but I love it anyway. This is my BFF, Elaine. And I know I talk about her a lot. haha We've known each other since middle school as we met one fateful sleepover night with our church's youth group girls.

She's been there for me ever since. I'm still her Dad's "favorite." I still know I can always call her when I need her to pick up a wheel of brie for a Persuasion marathon. I still can send one word text messages, and she'll know exactly what I'm talking about. She's my beautiful BFF sister. I love you, ElaineyBob!

And yes, Elaine, I do miss your cooking very much!! For real. The saddest thing I lost when I got married and stopped being your roomie. hahaha Oh, I still miss you and Bridget Pockets, of course, too. ;)

- Chelsea :)

P.S. Bridget Pockets is Elaine's cat... which apparently I'm on back pay on kitty alimony. HA!

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