Now Presenting... Bit of Ivory Chapters.

I'm SOOOO excited about the addition of Bit of Ivory Chapters! It's been in the works for awhile now, and I'm kinda jumping up and down now that I get to share it!

Bit of Ivory Chapters are personalized wedding websites (also called +Sites for you Showiteers out there!) for my brides! These are available in all of my wedding collections and just plain fun, awesome, and spectacular. I wanted a way to not only help brides disperse information to their friends and family, but put it in an aesthetically pleasing way without getting all commercial-y like other wedding websites. It's personalized to you and your groom!


This is not a custom website since the basic design will remain the same. This is so because we want to help tie all of the Bit of Ivory Chapters together as a big ole happy photo-fam book! BUT.

Chapters are personalized by...
* Adapting your wedding colors or colors of choice in the design.
* Allowing your friends and family to comment DIRECTLY on your site as a little guestbook!
* Incorporating all written details of your story and wedding day information.
* Including your choice of photos from your engagement session and then later with wedding photos.
* Identifying your website with a address of you and your groom's names! [ex.]
* Streamlining proofing gallery information to your guests.

[Our Story]

Each Chapter includes the following pages...
* Homepage
* Our Story
* Gallery
* Details
(With your "Leave a Note" guestbook on the Details page!)



Please do check out the LIVE SAMPLE SITE!

** FAQs **
What if I already had an engagement session, can I put those photos on it?
Due to copyright and wanting to respect that, I cannot put any photographs not taken by Bit of Ivory. Even if they are snapshots you took, I'm sorry. This is to protect all parties involved. After all, I would to uphold the integrity of your gorgeous site! :)

If you do not have an engagement session, I can make your Chapter site live after your wedding, or I can place some Bit of Ivory stock images in the photos' places...

Basically what this is all saying let's have an engagement session!! ;)

Can I add more pages to my site?
For an additional cost, you can add up to two more pages. To add an RSVP page, a Google Docs account is required. Not familiar with Google Docs forms? See this and that tutorials.

How do I get my information on there?
Right after your engagement session, I will send you a Chapter Website Questionnaire to fill out. This will have all of the questions regarding personalization so we can get this up and rollin'!

How long will the website be active?
It is guaranteed to be up for one year after your wedding proofing gallery goes live. :)

Can I update post-wedding information on the Details page?
You sure can! I hope you will!

That's it for now. I'm excited to launch these and look forward to many, many special Chapters to come!

- Chelsea :)


  1. Absolutely awesome!!! I am amazed at how far you have come in such a short amount of time :)

  2. Awesome, Chelsea! Lovelovelove the look and the idea!