Veronica, Orlando, and Charlie | Chesapeake Couples Photographer

It all started last Fall. Last Fall when I got an email that briefly stated "I was referred by Megan." And instantly I knew she was good peoples! (For those new to the blog, Megan was our September 2010 bride!) I love word-of-mouth clients immensely! Because friends don't tell friends to get bad things. haha

Veronica was new to the area, and she wanted portraits taken of her, her husband, Orlando, and their doggie, Charlie. Orlando is also in the military and we all know how the military is with scheduling... soooo, what was going to be a Christmas card session ended up being a winter "just because" session. (Which I just received their March Christmas card... and it is one awesome idea. Send people a Christmas card when they don't expect it, and shazam! Instantly more memorable. I need to take notes for next year.)

These two have become good friends of ours (it helps they literally live right around the corner!). I mean, come on, how awesome is it to be invited to have a dog birthday party with a piƱata?! They filled it up with dog treats, and oh my goodness, it was the CUTEST thing ever watching Charlie go after that colorful thing. He LOVED it, and Rusty and I loved watching! haha

Anyway, their session was so easy-going and so much fun. And Charlie was the most posable, lovable dog ever. Seriously, you could mold him into any position you wanted! Orlando's a pro at it!

Vero and Orly, I'm SOO excited that this isn't the last time I get to work with you guys! I'm ecstatic for Chicago to celebrate and document Monica's quinceaƱera this July!! AHH! Chi-town, here we come!

You can see some other images from their Sneak Peek post!

- Chelsea :)


  1. I just love it when people bring their dogs to there sessions! Picture 2 and four are my faves. Love back and white pictures.

  2. Love is the air!!all taken shots are so romantic the background and even for the couples they look great in every shots

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  4. Love the leaves and the dog! Beautiful shots!

  5. These are gorgeous - number two is absolutely perfect! Love the Christmas Card in March idea - sure makes it memorable!

  6. Thanks so much, everyone! :) Next year, I'm totally doing a random Christmas card during the year. haha!