Amanda and Josh | Redwing Park Engagement Session Sneak Peek

Balloon animals. 'Nuff said.

Okay, maybe I'll say a bit more. :) Since this is only their sneak peek, I just have to say how much fun engagement sessions are... they help me get to know the couple before the big day. What makes them work. What helps them warm up in front of a camera. How they interact with each other.

I just love Amanda's gorgeous, quiet smiles and Josh's sweet glances towards his wife-to-be. Gosh, these two are just great.

And heck, he attempted a panda balloon animal just for me (see teal-colored balloon below... awww...). We gotta keep guys like that around on this Earth.

I'm so super psyched for their October wedding!

And thank you to Tia Maria for saving the day and doing Amanda's makeup!

- Chelsea :)


  1. I am in love with all the color! Shockingly, since I am a B&W girl =P

  2. I LOVE the balloons!! How cool! The first shot the b&w HAS to be my fav!! ; )

  3. Super cute! Oh and Rock on to Tia Maria, she did my hair and makeup for my wedding and she rocks! :) hehehe

  4. Aww these are adorable! So cute :)

  5. :D I love the B&W references! Amanda and Josh are just awesome!