Monica : The Girl Who Loves to Read | Chicago Event Photography

When Veronica emailed me and asked if I would go to Chicago to photograph her little sister's quinceaƱera, I was in a meeting with my CPA dealing with my 2010 taxes. And I distinctly remember bouncing up in my chair and squealing. I have no shame. :D

I was bowled over by this and so incredibly humbled that someone wanted to fly me out to Chicago to document one of the most important events in a young woman's life. Immediately, I wrote back and said how honored I'd be, and we got to planning.

THEN I was able to email Monica to make introductions and get to know her a little bit! If I were 15 and went to school with this girl, I think we'd totally be BFFs. haha She loves to read, do "nerdy" things (which totally aren't nerdy to me! Umm, I do them everyday... haha Go to the library? YES!), and loves her family. I knew God had His hands in making this happen.

Quiet, intelligent, and sweet, Monica is your modern day princess. For her quince, she went a different route in colors and traditions... bold peacock colors (as opposed to soft pastels), an awesome peacock-themed Barbie (as opposed to the porcelain doll), and so many other little details.

I have never attended a quinceaƱera before, and wow, what a grand experience. The bar is set high because this fam sure knows how to throw a party! Beautiful decorations and live mariachi band! This wasn't your garden variety you'd find at Busch Gardens or something-- they were amazing!

AND guess what?! Mexican food, for the most part, is totally gluten-free, too. Pretty much heaven. Maybe I was switched at birth?! Except... hmm... my blonde hair and blue eyes are not strong indicators of that happening...

But I digress, now I present to you the REAL reason for this post! MONICA! :)

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(P.S. Mega thanks to my assistant Elaine who served as translator and mega-helper! :)

- Chelsea :)


  1. Ah-Mazing! Just the first portrait gave me a little gasp. I can't wait to see more more more!

  2. Chelsea, I just cried when I read this and looked at these AMAZING pictures. Monica, you're BEAUtiful just like your sister and Chelsea, you're definitely the most talented person I know. Amazing and Congrats!