Meghan + Preston | Contemporary Art Center Sneak Peek

Some brides have one or two colors for their wedding themes... but Meghan's color was MULTI-colored. :) It was pretty awesome, especially since their wedding took place in the Rodriguez Pavilion at the Contemporary Art Center. Yep. Right below the multi-colored Chihuly glass sculpture!

Typically, I meet the bride and groom together, but with schedules and the sort, it just never ended up that way. So from the start, I got to know Meghan and her compassionate and joyful spirit... so when I finally met Preston, it totally was instant confirmation that they were utterly meant for each other.

The first time I met Preston, he was actually in Ashley and Joe's wedding as the best man this past June! So there I was teetering on an aging, shaky ski dock to get a bridal party photo. And as I was trying to get off of said dock, there he was to lend his hand to help me up onto the pier.

Actions spoke loudly that day, and I was soooo excited for September to arrive!

September arrived quickly, and with their family and friends (much of which felt like a reunion because I had seen them in June!), they rocked out their celebrations in a ton of beautiful color.

Even though normally I don't put ceremony photos in the first sneak peeks, I just HAD to this time because every bride wishes for that moment when her groom sees her for the first time... and he's all teary. Sorry, men, but it's totally true. ;) And this one just about made me all chokey.

Enjoy, you two!! Hope you're enjoying your time in the DR!

contemporary art center wedding

- Chelsea :)

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