Now presenting... Through the Rose-Colored Lens... the SEQUEL!

This past June, I met a group of some pretty amazing women. All women who wanted to better learn how to compose a photograph... but more than that... to really be confident that they could take chances and see what their eyes are showing them. It's kinda crazy how we women convince ourselves that we can't do something, but in reality, we CAN. We just have to see some things in a different light.

Magazines and everything we see don't help either. We think the things we see are straight-out-of-the-camera goodness. Nooooo, ma'am! Everything in the media has been touched up somehow, even if it's just a little brightening.

In our first workshop, we learned the elements of art and principles of design... how to see light... what light did in our photos... and put those into practice with our wonderful models. :)

Now that the things are in place, it's time to move to the SEQUEL! We're going to take the images, pull them into Lightroom, learn how to make aesthetically-appealing edits without going overboard, find our artistic styles, and make some art!

This will be a very hands-on workshop. All participants must bring a laptop with Adobe Lightroom already loaded onto it. Don't have Lightroom yet? You can download a *free* 30-day trial to use during the workshop! But I guarantee after the workshop you're going to want to buy it!

So I present... Through the Rose-Colored Lens: A Bit of Ivory workshop... THE SEQUEL on October 15, 2011!

A workshop for you budding photographers who crave to know HOW to transform photographs. Again, all participants must bring a laptop (PC or Mac welcome!) with Adobe Lightroom loaded onto it as well as their cameras and any necessary card readers. (**Photoshop will *not* be taught... particularly because I think Lightroom does a better job at showing the functions of post-processing!)

norfolk virginia photography workshop

Only 10 spots are available so I can spend one-on-one attention and to make the workshop as fun as possible. This workshop is recommended for those who already have a grasp on composing photographs in camera or attended the first workshop.

Ready to learn, eat a deliciously catered lunch, meet new friends, and find something else about your artistic flair?

TO FIND OUT MORE AND TO REGISTER... go to the Workshop site!

Can't wait to meet you!
- Chelsea :)

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