Kim + Ly : The Couple Who Loves to Eat | Virginia Beach Engagement Photography

When she contacted me the first time, Kim said she already had her blog post title picked out. So I claim no credit for the title above... it was all Kim. ;)

They wanted something completely personable, completely them, completely different. So two wonderful friends of mine Tyler and Martin of The Girl Tyler and I joined our powers at be to help create a video Save the Date inspired by an Oscar Wilde quote and photo stylized engagement Versailles-meets-Oscar Wilde picnic that met their vision!

I have to say Kim and Ly rocked it. And totally made it them. You can have all the props and scenes in the world, but if it's not you, it doesn't come out genuine... and this whole production became them. :)

You will meet two people who love to eat, love to laugh, and love to be with each other. They've been dating since they were KIDS (10 years!)! Yeah, they've got history to prove their soulmate-ness. Their smiles are infectious and their generosity and love for others is heartfelt. You can't help but fall in love with them. Who else would take out the entire team to Red Robin after a long day for some food and company!? :)

So without further ado.... here is the ultimate "Nguyen-Nguyen" situation. ;) (Note: Dang, that isn't as funny if it's not spoken outloud... so if you were to verbalize, it's "win-win"... hmm... somehow explaining a joke just loses a bit of its edge. Dang it!! Carry on. Just carry on, my friends.)

Want to see the epic video portion of this shoot? You won't be disappointed.

Save The Date | Kim & Ly | 1.28.2012 from The Girl Tyler on Vimeo.

* Petie Bonifant (for venue) -
* Meghan Gwaltney (for event stylizing) -
* Lindsea Forbus (for hair stylizing) -
* Liz Alfier (for makeup) -
* Martin Walsh and Tyler Adams (for video) -
* Sarah Mariel (for assisting) -

- Chelsea :)

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