Vignettes: Boudoir (Part 1) | Orchestrated Stylized Shoots

On January 14th, our 5th Orchestrated event came to be! We had three separate stylized Vignettes for photographers to choose from... engagement, bridal, and boudoir. Vignettes wasn't like our regular stylized events; it had more of an emphasis on working with everyday ladies and gentleman (in our e-session vignette), having fun with other photogs, and challenging ourselves to think outside the box.

It was a chilly, but beautiful day, and I can't wait to share the outside images when they're ready. But for now, we have some beautiful boudoir to share with you! (Since each Vignette had its own theme, I'll be doing three separate blog posts. It's just easier that way. :) )

Our Boudoir Vignette took on the theme of "Breakfast in Bed." Meg and I wanted something cozy, chic, and lovely. Church Point Manor was the perfect scene! Nothing but elegance and comfort here, and our lovely model, Katie, helped make this Vignette truly sparkle!

Venue | Church Point Manor |

Concept Design | Meghan Gwaltney |

Photography & Co-Design | Chelsea LaVere |

Hair and Makeup | Elizabeth Ansel Alfier |

Jewelry | Premier Designs |

Bridal Accessories | Sparrow Blu |

So stay tuned in the coming weeks for the other two Vignettes! Board games and a faux-fur trimmed bridal cloak await!

- Chelsea :)

P.S. You can find more of my boudoir work on the Persuasion Boudoir website.

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