Shootin' the Guys. | Florida Destination Wedding

When my friend Valerie Demo asked me if I would go to Florida with her to help her shoot a wedding, I'm pretty sure I verbally squealed. You see, photography is a lonely profession. You're either behind a camera or behind a computer. Being with friends means planning weeks ahead. ;) I. WAS. PUMPED.

Then she told me I was shooting the guys. Like hanging out with the men.

Photo-fam, you KNOW I'm ALWAYS with the girls; my second shooters always go with the guys. So I won't lie and say I didn't have a momentary freakout moment. You mean, I don't get to pamper and fuss?! I'm used to fluffing hair, arranging flowers, straightening dresses, and all sorts of girlie things. My help-out-wherever-I-can personality just is better suited for the ladies. ;)

And then there are the men. No fuss, occasional boutonniere putter-onner, just hanging out. WHOA.

But the moment I met Lochrane and his guys, all that nervousness melted away, and I switched into photog-mode, knowing it'd be a really fun day with this crew. They all were there to celebrate and have a good time. (I still got to be a little fussy when fixing boutonnieres.... haha) I loved it! And heck, they looked pretty sharp if I say so myself. (Gentlemen will ALWAYS look more awesome in a suit. ;) )

It was such a beautiful day with Kristen and Lochrane; I couldn't imagine a more perfect setting and crowd... it was one of the most fun receptions ever. When you see three generations of a family out on the dance floor, you know you're going to get some epic shots. You could feel the love and celebration going on; it's one of my favorite parts of being a photographer... I get to observe all of it!

I was so honored that Val asked me to go along with her. (Love ya, girlie!!) Come to find out, mega art nerds from high school really don't change over the years. :)

And yep, I found I really, really love second shooting. I had a bit less pressure to "get the shot" and could try new techniques, angles, and ideas. Essentially it was all around a great time. Two things... a Canon user taught me something about my Nikon camera (haha). And I'm madly in love with video lights (what I used in the first photo below!)... and since I purchased a video light while in Vegas, you will see this video light frequently this year. ;)

[OH MY GOSH, the resort had ANIMALS. You know I got spazzy excited. :D]

[Definitely my favorite part of EVERY wedding.]

[Photographers are known for rolling on the ground when necessary. We're hardcore.]

[If you couldn't tell, I love lights and fun textures... :) ]

To see the full scope of the wedding, check out Valerie's posts: here and here!
- Chelsea :)


  1. You did an awesome job!! You're def a natural at shooting guys haha. Congrats on your new office!

  2. Thank you so much, Kristen!! :D

  3. What video light did you use? I don't shoot weddings, but I'm thinking I may want to get one to experiment with, especially for late-night food photography for my hubby's & my food blog. :)

  4. Hi, Robyn! I don't remember the video light I used at this wedding as it was Valerie's I borrowed. :) But afterwards, I did buy myself a Fotodiox LED98A while I was in Vegas which I'm head over heels in love with! :)