Gravity of Love | An Apple-Inspired Elopement

gravity - n. the force that attracts a body towards any other physical body having mass.

It's a little geeky. It's a little playful. And it's definitely a little swoonable.

The challenge was: Apple. It was set by Hampton Roads Creative to show that you can take one "idea" and transform it into 8 very different concepts. You can check out that post, my thoughts, and all the cool ideas on the HRC blog.

Basically what inspired this shoot was Sir Isaac Newton and his pretty famous theory of gravity. Lately, I've been falling (haha) in love with the idea of elopements. The really special, intimate time where two people join together without the stress of invitations, seating charts, and meal selections. Don't get me wrong, I LOOOOVE weddings. I had one myself. ;) But being married for almost three years now, I realized I would love nothing more than to run away with Rusty for our next dream vow renewal (England?!). Call me a romantic who has a fascination with novels, but I live a quiet and relatively simple life. And I love me a good ole elopement!

When I started planning and pinning on the Gravity of Love board, I knew I needed a couple who was playful, comfy with just the two of them, and ultimately could pull off a super cool green apple bowtie with suspenders.

And if it didn't hit me on the nose... my amazing blessing of an assistant Tianna and her husband were PERFECT. Young and in so much love, the whole planning process was made of win.

I want to give my utmost thanks to Tianna and Andrew for being the perfect models, to Mary and Shannon for being huge blessings in my life and for their sewing/floral skillz, to Mom and Dad Hancock for their amazing hospitality and unconditional love through gluten-free cookies, to Somer for loaning me her dishware, and to my own husband Rusty for being wonderfully supportive of what I do. Thanks to you all for allowing me to create and being a part of it. :)

The Amazing Vendor Friends Behind the Shoot:
Concept Design & Photography | Chelsea LaVere |
Venue | Private Residence
Floral Design | Palette of Petals |
Stationery | Chelsea LaVere
Dessert | Farm Fresh & Harris Teeter :)
Table Runner | Mary Hancock
Apple Bowtie | Matilda and Me |
Earrings | Premier Designs |
Models | Tianna & Andrew

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