Two Cousins : A Virginia Zoo Adventure

My friend had me the moment she said "zoo."

Karen (best known for her famous role over at Ava Clara Bridal) and her brother Kevin and his wife Elaine just happened to have two little girls around the same time-- a little under a year apart. And we know when that happens, those two little girls grow up together. :)

Every year, these two fams get together for a vacation of sorts. And this year, Kevin and Elaine drove up from Georgia to partake in vacation goodness.

Let me tell you what. Miss C. and Miss M. were a HOOT (no animal pun intended... okay, maybe). I still haven't met one kiddo who wasn't ecstatic about some sort of animal, and then put that kiddo in a zoo. Aw, heck! Creature trivia and Discovery Channel fact recall abound. (I KNOW. I totally called on my inner 7-year-old. Because let's be honest, I was just as ecstatic about the zoo.)

I'll let the photos tell the story... but this session was the perfect "welcome back" from my three week "sabbatical." I'd be lying if it didn't make me miss the classroom a tiny bit. :)

Just so you know. Beware of surprised-looking tapir signs. They bode ill warning. ;)

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