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On August 12th, Orchestrated's Vignettes event was a super fun success! We had three separate stylized Vignettes for photographers to choose from... engagement, bridal, and day-after. Vignettes wasn't like our regular stylized events; it gives more emphasis on working/posing with everyday ladies and gentlemen, having fun with other photogs, and challenging ourselves to see things in a new way.

Our third and final Vignette was our Day-After, and you couldn't have asked for a more ideal pair than Angela and Josh. Angela had most of those neon orange/coral accessories because it was part of her own wedding earlier this year!

All of our Vignettes took on a bit of a neon inspiration with some sort of geometric element (which you can see on Orchestrated's Pinterest board); it was a little bit of a challenge because we wanted the neon to be relatable and usable by ALL types of people-- particularly by the people who are immediately turned off by bright, bright colors (like me! haha).

This particular Vignette's color was "neon orange/coral." We wanted a fancy-casual couple to really emanate what it is to be "away from the wedding" but still have portraits taken. Day-After sessions are slowly becoming a trend when couples are a lot more relaxed and not as pressed for time like on a wedding day. I hope this trend becomes more popular and stays around! ;)

Venue | McDonald Garden Center |

Concept Design & Photography | Chelsea LaVere |

Bridal Gown | Ava Clara Couture Bridal |

Hair and Makeup | Elizabeth Ansel Alfier |

Jewelry | Premier Designs |

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