The 2012 Photo-Fam Recap.

So yep. 2012 is gone, and I'm still left wondering where January 2011 went. :) It was a phenomenal year with so many great new photo-fam, new transitions, new additions, and so forth. Personally, it was a huge year for Rusty and me in our own lives: Rusty graduated/got his first nursing job, Pickles Barrington came into our lives, etc. Enough to where our own moving to a bigger home was put on hold until September 2013.

I'm anxious for 2013. I know it's going to be another turning point, another chapter. But for now, here's to some reminiscing!

In 2012...
... Rusty and I went to Italy for a vacation and for Orchestrated awesomeness.
... April 2011's Morgan and Bruce moved home to Iowa to be closer to family.
... we had a Western-themed photo-fam BBQ in September over at Jenn and Jamie's house.
... April 2012's Whitney and Kevin graduated medical school and relocated to North Carolina to pursue their respective fields!
... I opened up the new office with the Big Ole Teal wall!
... April 2012's Ashley and Ryan also relocated away from Hampton Roads, but to the other best city ever: Boston! (We'll be doing their first year anniversary session up there next summer!)
... I was published in Wedding Planner Magazine for my Orchestrated Stylized Shoots work.
... we had a Gingy-style Christmas party in December which resulted in some very "interesting" Gingy creations. ;)
... I did a bunch more second-shooting for awesome photog-friends and that led me to Florida, Tennessee, and OBX.
... the photo-fam went to Uniquely Yours Bridal Showcase in January; we realized we shouldn't be let out in public together. :)
... and the list can go on...

There were many other milestones in everyone's lives, but then that'd take about a novel to complete! So do forgive me. :)

Thank you to everyone for such a wonderful year, and I can't wait to see what's in store for all of us!

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