Heather + Rob | A Modern Nautical Virginia Beach Engagement

When a couple does jazz hands (without my instigating it!!), I know I've met some kindred spirits. And that was just one part of Heather and Rob's engagement session at Little Island Park. Both from Florida, these two made Hampton Roads their new home with their furbabies. Quirky, crazy-amazing photogenic, loves to laugh, courageous individuality, and a penchant for a bit of the old world, they're pretty much my favorite kinda peeps. ;) The way Rob looks at her and the way Heather just blossoms from it = mega heart swoon that would befit a Jane Austen novel. They are perfect for each other. And they are heckuva thumb war players. (Shh, don't say anything, but Heather totally won. Like all of the times. ;) )

Their intimate September wedding is going to be just beautiful, and I'm so excited that I get to be a part of it. Metal teapots, florals, and vintage books as centerpieces?! Umm, yes. Add an extra yes. Because it's going to be that awesome. :)

(And many thanks to BridesMade for her hair and makeup services!)

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