Kate + Joe | A Hiking and Trail Mix Lovin' Engagement

She now reigns as the most expressive expressions ever. And you'll soon see why. ;)

Kate with enough spunk and shenanigans to make any room light up with good humor. And Joe with his own shenanigans and his own comedic personality. There was never a moment of NOT laughter. These two balance each other and truly inspire (whether they knew that or not!). Both serving in the military, they have had the chance to see the world and experience so many different cultures. When Thailand makes it to the "potential honeymoon places" list, you know you have an adventurous and awesome duo.

"We love hiking" was part of Kate's very first email inquiry to me, and so when we started planning out the where/when/whats of their engagement session, we immediately went back to that very first thought. And so Noland Trail became the where, early April became the when, and hiking became the what. Oh, don't forget the trail mix! Seriously, I was kind of obsessed with the trail mix. And when Joe said, "This is the best session! I get to eat during it!"... well, it made me ponder the future. I really should encourage food-related activities with ALL engagement sessions especially for the guys. ;)

If this session was as much fun as it was, you know their October destination wedding in Maryland is going to be a big ole shazamin' good time!

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  1. What an adorable couple! You caught such spirit in every one of her wonderful expressions! And - yes to more food-centric photo sessions!

  2. Thanks so much, Sukey! :)! They are such a fun couple-- definitely made the captures easy! :)

  3. Oh my goodness I love all the action shots! So candid, so wonderful, just perfection! Truly captured the playful spirit they so clearly have! I feel like I know them and want to be friends with them immediately! ha ha

  4. OOPS :) think I commented wrong! Here goes my second attempt!

    WOW! Her expressions are awesome and make me want to just smile and be happy :) great work and nice to "meet" you through the FB group!

  5. So much fun and excitement! You brought out their personalities superbly. Love the location, too!!