Laura + Winfield | A Classic Williamsburg Winery Wedding

Even though we got to know Laura and Winfield during their engagement session, there is always something about the wedding day that spindles all of that knowledge and weaves it into something timeless.

With wax seals, shades of ivory, blue toile, and THE Bruton Parish in Colonial Williamsburg, you have the setting for one memorable, classic wedding day. But beyond the visuals, the emotional strings were strummed. When you can feel the joy around, there's some serious potential for some happy tears. :) When Winfield saw Laura for the first time during their first look... well, the whole bridal party predicted what would happen, and it did. ;)

The way these two cherish each other is evident in every word exchanged. The speeches, the vows, and the witty remarks. You couldn't help but have that feel-good-kinda feeling. With family and friends attending from all over, this was a day for the (personal) history books.

And as Laura once wrote to me in an email, "I can't wait for him to be my Mister!" And it makes me smile all big because... yay, Laura! He is finally your Mister! Hope you two have a fabulous tropical honeymoon!

Many thanks go to Meagan and Jessica for helping me make Laura and Winfield's wedding day story through their lenses and extra hands. And a big thanks to Williamsburg Winery, Events in Bloom, Carrot Tree Kitchens, The Catering Company, and In Full for creating the visual and audio aspects to their perfect story!

Stay tuned to Facebook for a more complete visual story of the entire wedding day after the bride and groom have had their Grand Unveiling! :)

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