Katie + Austin | A Golf-Inspired Kingsmill Resort Wedding

If you have a golfer bride, a golfer groom, and a whole lotta golfing family, then it's kinda only perfect to have golf nuances on your wedding day. And that's just what Katie and Austin did. On, seriously, one of the most perfect days in September at Kingsmill Resort, these two made Williamsburg their destination wedding. To tie in their love of family and the beloved sport, these two even set up a special golf invitational for their wedding guests... and gave trophies to the winning team at the wedding reception!

This beautiful bride left no thoughtful detail untouched. Her cake mockup puts all cake mockups to shame (à la PowerPoint, too!). And since their furbabies couldn't be part of the wedding, Katie found a custom bride and groom cake topper with Tess, Tally, and Little Dog at their feet.

To lay witness to such love through an entire family-- and not just one side, but both united-- was an incredible thing. During the preparations, during the ceremony, and especially during the reception, happy tears were shed and nostalgic sentiments spoken. Through those, you knew these newlyweds are cherished and very well-loved.

Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your special day, Katie and Austin! It was a complete honor, and I wish you both all the very best! May your many years of marriage always be a perfect round! [Insert some extra cheesy golf-y wakkawakkas here.] ;)

Many thanks go to Caitlin for being a great second shooter, Brittany for orchestrating such a beautiful day, Jeff for making the reception awesome, and Kingsmill Spa, Williamsburg Florals, and Big Top Entertainment for creating the visual aspects to their perfect story!

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  1. beautiful pictures. I bet your are counting the hours until you set off on your honeymoon.