Alicia and Josh | A Colonial Williamsburg Engagement

He had plans to propose on the top of a lighthouse at sunset. But then the cops stopped him. Or rather the military base police who saw an expired military ID, and he was hoping for all hope that they would only search the car and not his pocket where a certain engagement ring hid. :)

But the proposal still happened! After years and years of being best friends since high school, one little speedbump wasn't going to stop them. Alicia and Josh first met in 10th grade in biology class. The funniest part? They were lab partners for a genetics project. Where they had to mix their genes together. Now if that wasn't foreshadowing for the future, then I don't know what is! ;)

Before the words "we love history" and "vintage maps" rolled off their tongues, I was already smitten to know they have a super crazy-smart furbaby named Kaylee. This dog seriously has a bag of tricks, and at Alicia and Josh's engagement session, she was learning the Figure 8 around their legs... and by the next day, with the joys of Facebook, I saw proof that she had already gotten that trick down! With Alicia's professional teacher-ness and Josh's adorable dog dad-ness, who knows what Kaylee will learn next. Maybe by their wedding next July, we might be looking at the world's first dog wedding entertainer?! :)

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