Megan + Aaron | A Norfolk Comic Book Store Engagement

Having already been friends of friends and making homemade Christmas cards together at a little past holiday shindig, it just made getting messages like this "Sooo, I'm getting married next year..." even better. Between Megan's Audrey Hepburn lovin' heart and Aaron's clever and hilarious wit, it has been so much fun getting to know them more as a couple.

You see, Aaron proposed with Korgi, a comic book featuring, well, an adorable corgi. It just so happens that the little stubby pup is Megan's favorite, and so Aaron had a plan. As they were walking around the Neptune Festival, Megan was given Korgi and as she was flipping through the comic book, she came across a sticky note. But not just any sticky note. A little sticky note that had two little words scrawled on it: "Will you?"

But the adorableness doesn't stop there because as previously mentioned, Aaron had a plan. To flutter any Hepburn girl's heart... what followed next was a Tiffany's diamond in that iconic blue box.

So when the day came for their engagement session, there were colorful balloons, fun comic book store shenanigans, an at-cozy-home music playin', some hilarity in the form of comedic observations, and a bunny-son named Chicken Nugget. (Warning: You will want a bunny after seeing Nugget.)

I can't wait for their November wedding next year because knowing how much creativity and artsiness surround these two with their fam and friends, you know it's going to be a uniquely fun time filled with memorable moments!

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