Limitations and achievements.

It's one of those weekends where I am cooped up inside due to being sick. I get a bit of cabin fever after awhile... I'm always on the go or doing something. I have to continually remind myself that when I do get sick, it's my body's way of telling me to slow down and rest.

On a photographic note, it also reminded me that I didn't post the Rock-and-Roll Half Marathon pictures from a few weeks ago. Rusty and I went to cheer our Mrs. S and her sister across the finish line... and so of course, I had my camera with me.

Marathons are interesting events. Each one is so filled with energy, encouragement, and accomplishment. It reminds me that our bodies aren't designed to do such intensive aerobics-- and that's the precise lure for marathoners. They want to push their bodies to achieve the "impossible." I've always admired those who love to run for running's sake... because I definitely am not a runner nor do I even enjoy running. I do mini-sprints when I play tennis... and that's enough running to last me forever. However, give me a bike, and that's a different story. I can bike until my legs fall off. :)

So, happy-belated congratulations, Runners!

-- Chelsea :)

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