A Yacht Club Wedding.

Yesterday, I went to Poquoson for the first time for Corrie and Scott's wedding. I hadn't realized that most of the houses were on stilts because of Hurricane Isabel a few years ago! It was nothing but beautiful marshland near the water. It just goes to show you how diverse Hampton Roads is!

Corrie and Scott had their beautiful wedding at the Yacht Club right before dusk-- the perfect lighting for pictures. It also was a major bonus of excitement that the wedding colors were totally my favorite colors. :) Aquamarine is such a perfect bridal color! Anyhow, it was a really fun time just being an observer of such a special event. The flower girl and her sister were hilarious to watch as they were burnin' up the dance floor.

Here is just a sampling of the 200+ photos taken. It was difficult to choose which ones!

Congratulations again, Corrie and Scott!
-- Chelsea :)

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