Honeymoon Recap-- Caribbean Style!

What would a photographer's honeymoon be without some fabulously exotic pictures? :) As previously mentioned, Rusty and I went on a Caribbean cruise to Cozumel and Belize... and my goal was to climb an ancient Mayan ruin. Did I get to? Well, you'll just have to take a look at the photos to find out. ;)

(At the Tulum Ruins... it's the only known Mayan ruin near the sea.)

(I'm not a beach person, but how can you not appreciate this beauty?)

(Yes, he is my husband. haha)

(Altun Ha was the best ruin site we visited... just amazing to step foot on ground that thousands of years ago another civilization developed.)

(Nature claims its land once more.)

(And here's your answer!)

(On the Olde Belize River tour.)

(Iguanas were literally EVERYWHERE in this part of Mexico.)

(Even though this isn't an albatross, it reminded me of the "Rime of the Ancient Mariner." :) )

And there we have my honeymoon in 25 images and less!

-- Chelsea :)

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