Details, details.

It's been rather busy in the grand scheme of things. I'm doing a rather large event in April for the local high school at which I teach (It's opening new territory for Bit of Ivory! Watch out, Lifetouch! haha), and I've been helping the main coordinator plan and design. As the photographer, I loooove the planning process, and I love being involved with it. I'm always honored when I am invited to sneak peek at the "behind the scenes." I feel more closely connected, and I know it shows through the photos.

And the best part of it all is that I always end up becoming closer to my clients because of it!

Tonight, a friend asked me to go with her to try on the wedding gown she's been dreaming of. It made me feel honored, especially since her family couldn't be with her... so you know, I played "mama hen" and said pictures need to be taken so she can show her mom and grandma! Of course, the gown was gorgeous, and I can't wait for her Botanical Gardens wedding in November! It'll be stunning, and I'm positively humbled that she chose me as her photographer.

I won't post those gown shots due to possible prying groom eyes, but I just have to share some detail shots of the various veils tried on! I love, love, love veils. Something so innocent, so optimistic, so delicate about them. It's like the crowning glory of a bride.

Well, next time there's a post, we'll get to see a senior girl's memories and a special couple's engagement shots!

Happy photo-snapping,

Chelsea :)

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