Egg-citing Updates.

Easter has always been one of my most favorite holidays, mainly for faith reasons, but also because it's just such a joyful time. Spring is coming into bloom, baby animals start to pop up in retailers' advertisements... how can you not smile??

The Saturday before Easter, I went up to Richmond to visit one of my best friends and to join in on her brother's egg decorating contest. When I say the competition is intense, it IS intense. The collage below gives you an idea of what I was up against! I'm happy to announce my little Cupcake egg won 5th place! Yay! (I also did the "Egg" egg, but alas, none was won.) And to prove to you that you can get great shots with any camera, all those photos I took were on my little Canon point-and-shoot. I didn't need to break out the big ole Nikon. :)

Onto more photography-related news... we have a special going for those rising seniors.

Attention Class of 2011! It's almost your time to shine and to start thinking about making your last high school year memorable! Book your summer or fall Senior Photo Session by June 15, 2010 and get $50 off your session.

And lastly... I want to welcome Megan and Kelli into the Bit of Ivory family! I will have the honor of shooting each of their weddings this year and next. :) A whole lot of awesome themes we're working with. How fortunate am I that I get to photograph some gorgeous couples AND their creative weddings! We have beaches, funfairs, gardens, and stunning color schemes. If you can't already tell how ESTATIC I am for all of this... then you may just need to visit the Facebook fan page more often. ;)

This month is going to be a busy one in terms of post-production elements. I'm shooting a banquet event for a local private school and an engagement session. I will undoubtedly be tied to my computer for awhile. :) Shoot me an email and tell me to go outside once in awhile!

- Chelsea :)

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